What You Need to Know about Sensual Massage

What you need to know about sensual massagesWhat is Sensual Massage, and what are the best sensual and sexy massaging techniques?  Many people have went to a spa and had a half an hour or an hour long massage to relax and get refreshed for another couple of weeks on the job.  There are so many good massage spas around that it can be wondered why anyone would want to learn how to give a massage at home.  What’s more, the price for getting a massage has dropped dramatically so many more people can afford to get one than they could previously.  But still, the type that is offered at a health spa is not considered a sensual or erotic massage.

The masseuses at spas have strict regulations that they must adhere to in order to be able to work at said spa.  These spas should never be confused with a massage parlor where anything goes and the joke is that you can get a happy ending.  A happy ending means that there is a sexual release at the end of the massage.  These are not legal in any state but they are a form a sensual massage due to the sexual release the client goes through. Now anyone who has received a normal massage at a spa knows that with any massage there is a certain amount of sexual excitement.

This sexual excitement occurs because the body is so relaxed and there are hands touching the body in a way to bring pleasure.  While the point of this type of massage is not sexual release, a sexual tension can build and it can be understood why a “happy ending” might not be a bad thing after a massage.  After all, an orgasm brings on the ultimate in relaxation of the body.  This is why a sensual massages are so popular even though it is illegal to pay for one.

Who Can Benefit From a Sensual Massage?

A sensual massage is designed for couples, no matter their sexual orientation, who have a familiarity with the body of their partner.  This is due to the nature of a sensual massage and the sexual underlines of the act of the massage.  Couples who enjoy giving each other massages are thought to be much closer than those who do not because of the intimate nature of it.  This massage is not a sexual act per se, but more of a way to relax a partner and give pleasure without the need of sexual intimacy.  In some cases, the massage can cause a sexual release but this is not the ultimate aim and in all actuality, the sexual release should never be a goal of the masseuse or the one who is getting the massage.

What Makes Massages Sensual?

So, other than the obvious sexual release at the end, what makes a massage sensual?  There are a couple criteria that make this type of massage different the one you get at a spa.  First and foremost, there is no sheet covering the body.  In a spa, you are required to lie underneath a sheet that covers the intimate parts of the body such as the breasts and genitalia.  Now this is not to say that a sheet or covering cannot be used particularly if the room is cool, but a sheet or covering is not essential.

Another aspect that makes a massage sensual is the fact that there are no body parts that are out of bounds for the masseuse.  They can massage the inner thighs, the breasts or chest and if they so choose, but which is not really advised, genitalia.  Since the ultimate goal of a sensual massage is not sexual release, many would say that there should be no touching of the genitalia during the massage although, since couples are the ones giving and receiving the massage, it is strictly up to them on how far they choose to take it.

Finally, a sensual massage is not a massage that you can order at a spa and it is not one that should be sought in any way to pay for.  This is an illegal act when it is paid for by a client and a masseuse and the client will be arrested if a police officer comes into the establishment.  Now, at home, with someone you care for and who is not paying you, a sensual massage is perfectly legal and nothing can happen for giving or receiving one. Of course, one can see ads for people saying they are expert sensual massagers on adult dating and hookup sites as well.

What You Need to Give a Sensual Massage

There are few things it can be handy to have when you give a sensual massage and there are a few things that are absolutely essential.  First let’s look at the items that are absolutely essential when giving a massage of any kind and more importantly for a sensual one.  The first thing you need good quality massage oil.  Now you can go for oil that is scented in order to set the mood or you can choose good quality base oil such as grape seed oil.  If you want to pick and choose the scent of the oil depending on you or your partner’s mood, buy the grape seed oil and some essential oils and blend your own.

A blanket and pillow are also essential as you need a comfortable place to give the massage, you can use a massage table but we will get to that later.  You want to use a blanket that is not important to you or your partner as it will get oil on it so it should be used for this purpose only.  You can also have a top sheet or blanket to keep the area that is not being massaged covered and warm until you get to it.  You also need a pillow to put under the feet when your partner is on their stomach and under their head when they are on their back.

What is good but not essential is a massage table.  A good massage table is built to be comfortable no matter what position the person getting the massage is in.  It has a padded hole in one end so that the face can be placed in it comfortably.  These tables have come way down in price and are affordable for most couples.  If you cannot afford one, a blanket on a twin bed works in a pinch or even the floor if it has been padded with blankets.  Add some candles to really set the tone and you are ready to give your best sensual massage.

A good way for couples to become more intimate is to give each other sensual massages on a regular basis.  A sexy massage between partners can be even more gratifying than a sexual experience because there is not promise of orgasmic release even though sexual tension is built up between the pair.  It is the only type of massage that may have a happy ending that is not illegal because it is between two people who have a relationship of some kind and there is no exchange of money between the two.  You do not need to buy a bunch of equipment to give a massage like this nor do you have to go to a professional massage school.  You can learn what your partner likes simply through trial and error or you can read a book or website dedicated to the topic.